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Ourseal(R) Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of security seals and security bags in China.we are NOT the middle trade company,all products are made by ourselves.Therefore,the quality is beening controled by ourselves,so that the price is more competitive.


The factory was certificated by USA and Germany embassy.The security seals are complying with ISO/PAS 17712:2013.The security seals are certified by Dayton T Brown lab. in USA.


The security seals range is :Bolt seals,Cable seals,plastic seals,meter seals,water seals,Oil Seals,padlock seals,arrow seals (zip seals) and so on. the security bags range is :documents bags,cash bags,carrier bags and so on.


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Security seals are mechanisms used to seal shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security. Such seals can help to detect theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate. Security seals are commonly used to secure truck trailers, vessel containers, chemical drums, airline duty-free trolleys and utility meters. Typically they are considered an inexpensive way of providing tamper evidence of intrusion into sensitive spaces.

High Security Seals

A High Security Seal is constructed and manufactured of material such as metal or metal cable with the intent to delay intrusion and have been designed to conform with world customs and ISO security seal standards. The International Standards Organization (ISO) published the new version of ISO 17712 on 15 May 2013. The major changes in the new edition concern Clause 6, Evidence of Tampering. Changes were required due to the demonstrated impracticality of tamper-related tests in ISO 17712:2010 edition.

A measure of a seal's security is whether it has obtained an ISO 17712:2013 rating. US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and the World Customs Organization’s Framework of standards, endorsed and encouraged the use of ISO compliant seals.

The requirements for certain security level of seals are defined in the ISO 17712. The seals that belong to the High security level and Security level are also called barrier seals. They are made of different metals or metal alloys, meaning that they require special tools to be opened, such as bolt cutters or pliers. Cable seals and bolt seals also fall into this category. Designed to deter opportunistic theft of high value goods, they also can often be branded and numbered to improve tamper resistance and provide excellent security for containers. The seals that are in the Indicative level as to ISO 17712 are made of plastic or thin metal.

Security Seal Manufacturers have worked alongside ISO Security Auditor's to provide the following information to help inform businesses and other interested parties about the new edition.

Cable seals allow for more versatile application, as they have variable length of the locking mechanism limited only by the cable length. Typical applications include sealing trucks and railway cars transporting valuable commodities. An internal locking mechanism prevents the cable from being retracted. Most cable seals are classified as security or high security level as to ISO 17712.

All ISO 17712 compliant seals are numbered on both seal body and head, to prevent substitution of either part. This is usually done using laser marking, which cannot be rubbed off.

Ball seals are commonly used for securing trucks. They consist of a metal strip with a punched hole, attached to a housing section. When the strip is bent and threaded through the hole, a ball inside the housing section locks it in place. Most ball type seals belong only to the indicative level as to ISO 17712.
Plastic security seals are manufactured normally in two styles; adjustable or fixed length. Adjustable length seals can fit many applications from securing the neck of a bag or mail sack to sealing chemical drums, first aid kits and fire extinguishers. They have an adjustable length much like a cable seal but offer a much higher security level and an audit trail due to sequential numbering and the ability on some seals to be bar-coded and have a company name and logo printed or laser etched on.

Fixed-length seals tend to be more tamper resistant than variable length as there are no sliding parts, they simply 'click' into place to lock, which can make them easier to fit than variable length seals. Most fixed length seals can also be branded and numbered for extra security. Fixed length is often the choice of single use security seals for transport applications.

Padlock seals are usually supplied as a completely plastic seal, shaped as a standard padlock would be. Technically, they can be classed as a fixed length seal. They feature the same types of tamper-evident protection as variable length and fixed length have available - numbering, bar-coding and branding - but fit some different applications. The most common use for these seals is for airline duty-free trolleys. One reason for this is that plastic padlocks can be placed over a locking part as any metal padlock would be to secure, but do not require keys to open, they simply break off at their built in break point using hands or a small pair of wire cutters. They are secure due to the audit trail available as a result of the sequential numbering.

Meter seals are used with electric or gas or water meters and usually molded in polycarbonate. The transparent body of the seal means that the locking mechanism is visible, and can provide clear indication of tampering. Meter seals can withstand exposure to sunlight and extreme weather, and a wide range of temperatures. Designed for only a single use, they are destroyed when removed. Some meter seals contain components which glow under ultraviolet light, allowing the seal to be easily located in darkness.

Special security tapes and labels have high bond-strength adhesives in combination with backing that are designed to fracture or delaminate under designated conditions to indicate premature attempts at opening. Custom printing, holograms, and security printing often assist in deterring and indicating tampering.
Twist Meter Seal
steel rod or heavy-gauge wire of various diameters, which is inserted through the locking fixture and twisted around itself by use of a special tool
scored seal
metal strip which is scored perpendicular to the length of the strip
Note 1 to entry: The strip is passed through the locking fixture and bent at the score mark. Removal of the seal requires bending at the score mark, which results in breakage of the seal.
cinch seal
pull-up seal
indicative seal consisting of a thin strip of material, serrated or non-serrated, with a locking mechanism attached to one end
Note 1 to entry: The free end is pulled through a hole in the locking mechanism and drawn up to the necessary tightness. Cinch or pull-up type seals can have multiple lock positions. These seals are generally made of synthetic materials such as nylon or plastic. They can resemble, but are significantly different from, simple electrical ties.
padlock seal
locking body with a bail attached
EXAMPLE Padlock seals include: wire shackle padlock (metal or plastic body), plastic padlock, and keyless padlock seals.
Note 1 to entry: The padlock itself is not an integral part of the freight container.
strap seal
metal or plastic strap secured in a loop by inserting one end into or through a protected (covered) locking mechanism on the other end
Note 1 to entry: The seizing device can be plastic or metal and its deformation is one indication of tampering.
Radio-frequency identification
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically-stored information. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves. Active tags have a local power source (such as a battery) and may operate hundreds of meters from the RFID reader. Unlike a barcode, the tag need not be within the line of sight of the reader, so it may be embedded in the tracked object. RFID is one method of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC).
RFID tags are used in many industries. For example, an RFID tag attached to an automobile during production can be used to track its progress through the assembly line; RFID-tagged pharmaceuticals can be tracked through warehouses; and implanting RFID microchips in livestock and pets enables positive identification of animals.
Since RFID tags can be attached to cash, clothing, and possessions, or implanted in animals and people, the possibility of reading personally-linked information without consent has raised serious privacy concerns.[2] These concerns resulted in standard specifications development addressing privacy and security issues. ISO/IEC 18000 and ISO/IEC 29167 use on-chip cryptography methods for untraceability, tag and reader authentication, and over-the-air privacy. ISO/IEC 20248 specifies a digital signature data structure for RFID and barcodes providing data, source and read method authenticity. This work is done within ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31 Automatic identification and data capture techniques. Tags can also be used in shops to expedite checkout, and to prevent theft by customers and employees.
Electricity meter
An electricity meter, electric meter, electrical meter, or energy meter is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by a residence, a business, or an electrically powered device.
Electric utilities use electric meters installed at customers' premises for billing purposes. They are typically calibrated in billing units, the most common one being the kilowatt hour (kWh). They are usually read once each billing period.
When energy savings during certain periods are desired, some meters may measure demand, the maximum use of power in some interval. "Time of day" metering allows electric rates to be changed during a day, to record usage during peak high-cost periods and off-peak, lower-cost, periods. Also, in some areas meters have relays for demand response load shedding during peak load periods.
Cable tie
A cable tie (also known as a wire tie, hose tie, steggel tie, zap strap or zip tie, and by the brand names Ty-Rap and Panduit strap) is a type of fastener, for holding items together, primarily electrical cables or wires. Because of their low cost and ease of use, cable ties are ubiquitous, finding use in a wide range of other applications. Stainless steel versions, either naked or coated with a rugged plastic, cater for exterior applications and hazardous environments.
The common cable tie, normally made of nylon, has a flexible tape section with teeth that engage with a pawl in the head to form a ratchet so that as the free end of the tape section is pulled the cable tie tightens and does not come undone. Some ties include a tab that can be depressed to release the ratchet so that the tie can be loosened or removed, and possibly reused.
Cable ties are generally viewed as single-use devices; they are typically cut off rather than loosened and reused. However, if a closed loop needs to be opened again, rather than destroying the cable tie by cutting, it may be possible to release the ratchet from the rack. While some cable ties are designed for reuse with a tab that releases the ratchet, in most cases a sewing needle or similar object (for example a small screwdriver) will need to be interposed between the ratchet and the rack. Ties reused in this way will be weaker than new ones To open without cutting, the ratchet box can be crushed vertically using pliers.
Security bag
A security bag is a heavy duty bag used to contain high-value products or documents or legally sensitive items. Envelopes with security features are called security envelopes as well as security bags. When used to contain items related to a crime, special evidence bags are used. Authentication of signatures and chain of custody are often required.
No one security feature can be considered as "tamper proof".[8] Layers of TR and TE features, as well as the broader security systems are needed to provide better assurance of security. Most security products can be foiled by a knowledgeable person with sufficient time and with access to specialized tools, solvents, extreme temperatures, other security bags, security tapes, etc.
Security bags or envelopes may be specially designed plastic bags, paper bags, or fabric bags. Bags or envelopes can be made to be tamper resistant (TR); to make it difficult for unauthorized entry. Often it is more important for them to be tamper-evident (TE); to indicate when an unauthorized entry has occurred.
Bags and envelopes are often closed by an integral pressure sensitive adhesive on the closing flap; removal of a release liner allows convenient closing of the bag. Several types of security features can be included in the flap structure which are designed to irreversibly indicate opening.
Separate security tapes are also used. Tamper-indicating security seals employ a variety of mechanisms for operation, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
Documentation such as labels for certified signatures for custody and chain-of-custody labels are frequently included.

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